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  • First Grade A Curriculum 2017- 2018

First Grade A Curriculum 2017- 2018

Qur’aan (Short Surahs)

  • Memorization with vocabulary along with meaning and translation
  • Recitation with Tajweed
  • Reading with Tafseer

Textbook: Short Surahs (2) (by IQRA

  1. Al-Faatihah
  2. An-Naas
  3. Al-Falaq
  4. Al-Ikhlas
  5. Al-Lahab
  6. An-Nasr
  7. Al-Kaafirun
  8. Al-Kawthar
  9. Al- Ma’un
  10. Quraish
  11. Al-Fil
  12. Ayatul kursi

11 surahs and ayaatul kursi will be memorized by the end of the year, InshaAllah.

Workbook: Short Surahs (2) by IQRA


Alphabet –read, write and recognize all letters

Handwriting Book: Goodword Arabic Writing Book 1 (Muhammad Emran Erfani)

Arabic Writing for Beginners part 2 (Zafar H.Queshi)

Textbook: Qur’aan Made Easy by Sabbir A Behlim  

Islamic Studies


I Love Islam Level (1)   by Islamic Services Foundation


 I Love Islam Level (1)   by Islamic Services Foundation



Book:  Prayers for Muslim Children by Darussalam Publishers and Distributors

They will learn

  • Islamic Tahdhib and Akhlaq
  • Islamic Aqidah and Fiqh

*Though I will follow the curriculum as close as I can, materials may be adjusted during the year to fit the needs of students, Insha Allah.

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